ELLY series escalator products, is based on the existing international standards and Chinese standards, the full application of new material and advanced technology design, manufacturing. Smooth running, low noise, durable, easy repair. With compact structure, excellent, exquisite, the ladder Road, beautiful appearance, soft and modern design style. A safe, comfortable, beautiful escalator can let you enjoy a leisurely, enjoyable time every day.

Perfect modelling, bring more experience

ECO Energy saving system switch drive mode

Through to the escalator actual load testing, intelligently drive motor control system by switching to ECO economic running state, energy saving of up to 30%.

ECO implementation of energy saving function through load feedback principle, operation of the escalator by sensors on the discharge of self-inspection, when detected escalator light load live idle, intelligently by the control system will switch drive motor to ECO running state, realize the economic operation. If the sensor is faulty, escalator light load or no-load remain in the running state of the rated load, and the sensor fault alarm, to ensure that truly realize the escalator running.

The rational allocation of value

Excellent performance design, the firm and the complete parts, can more flexibly conform to the commercial and the needs of the public transportation on both sides

The handrail entry

Novel and chic, full of modern fashion sense of design streamlined armrest into 1:3, escalators more spiritual and affinity.

Roller built-in cascade

In a specially designed cascade of roller chain wheel, can effectively reduce the drive running noise, make operation more stable and quiet.

The ladder lighting

Green fluorescence from the upper/lower end of the adjacent two softly illuminate a cascade of meshing tooth mouth, to alert passengers stepped in and out of the horizontal section, to improve by ladder safety.

Vertical traction machine

Has a smooth mesh friction reduction, to ensure that the special low noise, can reduce the noise by more than 60%, compared with the traditional nest wheel drive more drive efficiency.