Bed Elevator

ELLY bed elevator series, fully consider the particularity of hospital environment, use of the world's cutting-edge modular computer control technology, formed a high level of integration of VVVF control system, make the elevator up, smooth braking, comfortable operation, to make patients feel more comfortable. Multiple safety performance design, effectively reduce the probability of accident, make constant patient safety in and out of action.

Considerate, love is infinite

To meet the requirements of different access, ELLY series of sickbed the elevator shaft one to open the door, shaft respectively before and after open the door, and opened the door through three ways to choose, and hospital building structure flexible matching.

Standard matching

Hairline stainless steel, LED lighting
Hairline Stainless Steel
Direct supply, axial flow fan
Double stainless steel sector
PVC floor
Steel plate coating, LED lighting
Steel plate coating
Direct supply air, smoke flow fan
stainless steel tube
PVC floor